In this article, we explore the significance of proof and evidence in writing successful academic appeals and complaints.

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The importance of proof and evidence

When making an academic appeal or complaint, or responding to an allegation of academic misconduct, it is vital that you don’t just make statements but that you actually prove them.

A fundamental tenet in law is that he who asserts must prove. For example, if you claim that you were suffering from mental health problems when sitting an exam, then the onus is on you to prove this. …

Today, Thursday 4th March 2021, is University Mental Health Day. Its aim is to highlight the importance of student mental health and promote positive change. Even before the pandemic, students had high rates of mental illness but this past year in particular has been challenging for students, with the stress of Covid and its far-reaching impact on loneliness and job prospects. In 2020, a study by the charity Mind showed that 73% of students believed their mental health worsened during lockdown.

Universities have student counsellors and mental health support for students. They have written commitments to the mental wellbeing of…

This article sheds light on the potentially life-changing decisions that universities make when dealing with cases of student misconduct. As such cases have risen sharply during the covid pandemic, it is vital for universities to be knowledgeable and skilled in their handling of misconduct allegations.

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The Offence

In 1990, Instant Kiwi, a scratchcard game in New Zealand, produced a 1-minute commercial showing a student engaging in academic misconduct. One of the barristers at Alpha Academic Appeals showed it to the group and it triggered a light-hearted discussion about what would happen to such a student in 2021. Watch the video…

Alpha Academic Appeals

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